Sunday, January 1, 2012

Navel Piercing Care

In order for the navel piercing to last as long as possible you should keep the following rules:

· You should not bend for the first couple days.

· A specialist will put over a bandage, which should be removed in 4-5 hours after a puncture.

· For washing you should use only the antibacterial soap, which should contain Triklozan.

· In order to make the healing process faster you should apply salty solution on the wound from time to time. You can pour this solution into a glass and turning it over hold it on your navel or soak a towel with it. Every procedure lasts about 15 minutes. As often you would do this as faster your wound would heal.

· It is necessary to remove all the incrustations appeared, because that would be a place where all bacteria would develop and it would prevent the wound from healing over.

· Use cleaning solutions

· Lavender butter with BP labeling reduces perceptibility and stimulates a healing process. Bash the wound with butter by a wad stick and remove all wastes by a napkin. It is recommended to wear antiseptic compress all the time within the first two weeks. This would help to prevent the wound damage and would protect from an infection.

· Do not wear tight or small cloth and also cloth that would prevent air to pass through it.

· It is mandatory to wipe a puncture spot in case if you sweat, since the sweat prevents the wound healing.

· It is not allowed but rather recommended to get a tan. This would dry your wound a little bit and also will help the organism to produce the vitamin D, which stimulates the healing process.

The main problem of the wound infection is a "playing" with a body jewelry and dirty hands. Do not touch a body jewelry. In order to look at it do not move it but rather use a mirror.

Do not use spirit for a wound treatment since it may injure the wound. Hydrogen peroxide is not good either, since it kills the generated cells. Do not use butters and ointments, which prevent the wound from drying up.

It is forbidden to remove a decoration during the healing period. This way you would get a risk to lose a puncture spot or to damage it when inserting a decoration back.

Bars would be the best decoration until the end of the healing period. The period of healing would stretch if to use navel rings.

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